Managed Data and Networks

SGT provides cutting edge, managed, technology solutions that begin with a well designed network and a stable, secure, computing environment. Our number one goal is to be your business partner down the hall. Think of us as an extension of your own IT department, always there when you need us, ready to troubleshoot and listen, just give us a shout!

With SGT you will have the benefits of our expertise for the behind the scene operations, like installing software patches, important server updates, email administration and data backups, so that you can concentrate on the day to day details of running your business.

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Why Choose SGT?

SGT has been serving technology needs in Champaign County for the past 15 years. With our proven track record and years of industry experience, you can trust and depend on us to manage and support your IT needs while you focus on the everyday details of running your business.

At SGT, we believe in forming relationships with our clients, you will have one person as your primary contact. Our engineers and technicians strive to explain technical issues in normal everyday terms that you and your staff can relate to, so you won't have to figure out any “tech speak lingo.”