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Secure Page  This page is implemented using https Secure Transactions.  The secure protocol used by this page ensures that any information you submit on this page will be encrypted and kept private.
Although we are using the safest state-of-the-art encryption system available, if you do not want to transmit your information through the internet, or if you wish to pay by check or money order, please print this form, fill it out manually as legibly as possible, and send it with your payment to the address below.  Write out a check, drawn on a United States bank, for US$35 and make it payable to “AP Tuner—Joseph Broms”.

AP Tuner—Joseph Broms

153 Ginger Hill Court

Glen Carbon, IL  62034


The form below is intended for people who have tried out AP Tuner, like it, and now wish to pay for it.  Please fill out this form, being sure to enter all required information in full.  Required entries are marked by a red asterisk (*).  When finished, press the button labeled “Submit Form for Payment”.  Be aware that you may experience a delay of up to a minute while we check and record your credit card number.  Then, we will send an email containing your AP Tuner registration password to the email address you have specified.
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Comments about AP Tuner 
The credit card given below will be charged US$35.  This constitutes payment for an individual license for AP Tuner.  This transaction will appear on your credit card statement under the name of “Shouting Ground Technologies”, an authorized distributor of AP Tuner software licenses over the internet.
Full Name of Cardholder (if different) 
Bank that Issued the Card 
Card Number* (digits only, no punctuation) 
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Please click the button just once—you may experience a delay of up to a minute while we check your credit card number.

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